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Who are you really...???
Most of us are formed and shaped by our parents, teachers in schools and churches, religion, etc...
Each person has a blue-print imbedded in him..., and need to be discovered. Are you ready for the real you...?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fingerprint Personality

Fingerprint Personality : ( Determine your Personality through your Fingerprints )

The following in English..., my second Language., so excuse the tenses.

When working almost a lifetime with certain aspects of live, you tend to pick up things that other people don't.
I started out just after my grade 12..., working with crime and fingerprints..., and notice that certain people with the same personalities, have the same trend of Fingerprint patterns...!?
After years of studying this..., I came to a conclusion..., that your personality..., and mine..., are based on the fingerprint pattern and counts in your fingers.

After testing my theory with my friends..., people I drink with in bars..., and random selected people..., I have a good understanding of your "blue-print" on your fingers. You can't change who you are..., and we were all design by the "Bigger Power" ..., to fit in a job so that there would be people who clean the streets..., and others who design the streets they clean.

No one is better than the other..., but this is so to balance society..., a unique design by our maker. We can't all be street-cleaners..., and not all be billionaires as well...!!! 

Over the next few days I shall be sharing this info with you..., to judge for yourself..., am I wrong..., or am I right.

Are you sitting in the right job..!!! What is hidden there in your fingerprints..? Maybe you will understand yourself better after getting your fingerprints analyzed...?

I even understand myself better after analyzing my own fingerprints..., and that's no lie...!!!

So..., to get to the point..., " You are your Fingerprints".

Like it or not.

I will start with the first photo today..., sharing some of the facts to help you understand yourself better. Others will follow over the days to come.

The Loop pattern :

Bring yourself up to date with the delta and the core.
Count the amount of ridges between the delta and the core.
This is called a loop pattern, and flows out to the right in the right hand, and to the left on the left hand.
How many of these patterns do you have on the right hand..., and how many on the left hand...?
Write it down.
The more ridges between the delta and the core..., the bigger and more urgent the trend for this  ( later explained) behavior.

Right hand :  \ \ \ \ \   loop, loop, loop, loop, loop..., starting with the thumb..., ending with the pinkie.
Left hand   :  / / / / /  loop, loop, loop, loop, loop..., thumb to pinkie.


Someone with 10 of these loop patterns'..., 5 in each hand.., flowing in the same direction..., trend to do more administrative work.., counter placed work..., sitting and working at a desk..., and will be happy to do so for a long time.  They get into  a comfort zone in their work environment, and are not fond of much change around them. Stable work conditions is a must..., and work must not be to complicated..., or to scientific. Trend to do what they were taught..., and they will be good at it. (Don't talk now about lazy bustard)
They do things what they like and know about..., and other people mustn't try to change their believes. Don't like to much adventure..., and close to home person. Holiday now and then.., and back home..., back to work. They like reading and get into their own thoughts. Routine is very important. Art is not a priority in their lifes..., although some art will be nice to them.

This is just some behaviour trends of people with that kind of fingerprint loop patterns'.

If  that is you..., just let me know as for my research is ongoing.

The Radial pattern :
When looking at your right hand..., if you have this type of pattern..., you will notice that the flow from the core to the delta..., is from right to left. This fingerprint flows out to the left in the right hand..., and in the left hand, it will flow out in the opposite direction..., from left at the core,  to the right at the delta. The amount of ridges will differ from person to person, between the core and the delta.

Behavior :

A person with radial fingerprints, and again..., the more radial pattern, the stronger the behaviour..., this person like changes in their lifes. They can get bored very quickly by doing the same thing over and over. Likes new challenges and depending if there are whorl patterns in their hands..., will depict the difficulty of the challenge or task. Art is also important, doing it or liking it. Stability is not all that important but more the urge to satisfy the inner need. More adventure like type of person.

To really be more accurate in pointing out a persons behavior..., you have to see all the fingerprints of that person..., because there are so many combinations with different fingerprint patterns..., and this is just to give you an idea of how fingerprints influence your life.

Other combinations just to give you an idea:
Right hand :  \ \ \ / \  loop, loop, loop, radial, loop
Right hand :  o \ \ / \  whorl, loop, loop, radial, loop etc

The Whorl pattern :

When you have whorl-patterns..., and again..., the more you have..., the stronger the trend..., and the higher the ridge count between the deltas and the core, the more complicated, intense the person become....., >> you are a person who definitely don't like to work at a counter..., or just a administrative job. I see this person as seeking something technical and challenging. A architect or engineer type of work. Depending on the other fingerprint patterns this person has..., artistic trends will also be part of this persons behaviour. Definitely more serious type of person, who don't take life to lightly. This person will set goals for him or herself, and work towards achieving them. Politically speech type person. A lot between the ears.., if I can put it that way..!

Whorl patterns will also differ..., and the more complex the whorl pattern., the more complex the person.

Albert Einstein - his hands are full of whorls..., not loops only. ( Check link out - although I don't agree on everything they say on that page.) 

The Arch pattern :

I like to refer to this pattern as the "Omega".

A basic type of pattern, with not much curling and stuff going on there.

A person with a lot of Arch patterns, prefer a basic and simple lifestyle. This person can do anything when trained..., but can mostly only do what he was trained to do. Artistic trends are strong in these people, and they can utilize basically anything in their surroundings to benefit their own need. They don't like the fast lane of life and business..., but like money and brand names. They take life much slower than other people..., one day at a time. They don't trend to plan ahead to far..., and live more for the moment. They trend to get into trouble easier..., because they don't always think ahead of the consequences of things they say or do. Socializing is very important...., music..., and tradition. It is difficult for this person to be open minded and diverse. More technical..., than theoretical..

The tented arch pattern :

This person can adapt to circumstance, and will always try to keep everybody happy. They have strong believes..., in what they belief, and won't change their minds easily..., or be convinced easily. Not open minded..., and strict to rule policies. Artistic trends and do some art themselves..., but not so much into other peoples art-works. Stability is very important and close family ties. They can live themselves into  a book they read..., or movie they watch. Like reading and novelties. Live more for the moment, and don't like to take risks in life. Dedicated to what they do. Eager to learn new stuff..., but not to difficult. More administrative..., theoretical...,  but not to technical orientated.

These are a few basic guidelines to what your fingerprints tell you...!!! The combination of the different type of fingerprints will determine your personality and behaviour in your life. I can read full sets of fingerprints..., accompany by the palm prints..., not to read lifelines..., but other aspects in the ridges on the palms.

I am not a palm reader..., a fortune teller..., or gypsy...!!!

I also don't want to reveal everything I know here, because I still want to write a book on this.

But I can tell who you are..., just by analyzing your fingerprints..., and a quick glance at your palm prints....!!

Are you in the right job...?
Are you studying the right subjects...?

Look at your blue-print..., your fingerprints..., and discover the real you...!!!

Thanks for reading my blog.

You are welcome to reply.

You are welcome to send me a set of fingerprints by e-mail as attachment, to analyze.., and I will send you back my findings by e-mail,  on who I think you are..., your personalty. The ridges must just be clearly visible. Your fingerprints will be destroyed afterwards. I don't keep them. I would prefer a set of palm prints as well..., but that is not to big an issue. Hope to hear from you. 

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